Move assets across 60+ chains through a single interface using Artificial Intelligence Routing across DEXs, aggregators, bridges and protocols.

Cross-chain Swap

Buy, Sell and Bridge Efficiently on Hotkey

Hotkey simplifies DeFi by enabling instant swaps and seamless bridging across 60+ chains with a single interface, powered by Artificial Intelligence Routing for optimal efficiency across DEXs, aggregators, and protocols.

Bittensor subnet :
Compute Best Route

Leverage Artificial Intelligence Routing

Our Artificial Intelligence Routing (AIR) engine, powered by Bittensor and Commune AI, identifies the optimal pathways between DEXs, aggregators, and cross-chain protocols, guaranteeing unparalleled interoperability.

Redefining DeFi with AI Precision.

Hotkey leverages AI to simplify transactions across 60+ chains, enabling seamless swaps and bridges through an intuitive interface, making DeFi effortlessly accessible and efficient.

Swap and Bridge on Telegram DEX with Hotkey

Swap and bridge effortlessly on Telegram DEX, featuring real-time buy alerts and direct swap links for a seamless trading experience.

#1 Telegram DEX
Chat, Click, Trade: DeFi on Telegram

Experience seamless trading within Telegram using Hotkey, where each chat becomes a potential trade opportunity, complemented by instant notifications and one-click swap links.

Your Tokens, Your Style: Personalize Your Gif & Video Alerts.

Customize your trade alerts with unique buy gifs and videos on Hotkey, bringing a dynamic and personalized touch to your trading notifications.

Hotkey Premium bot includes your premium emojis.

With Hotkey, set custom normal or premium buy emojis for an engaging and personalized alert experience, making each trade notification uniquely yours.

Add your token to track and trade.

Add any token to Hotkey for personalized tracking and receive direct links for instant trades, ensuring you're always connected to your preferred assets.

Bridge Assets Anonymously

Discreetly Bridge to Any Wallet

Secure your cross-chain transactions and bridge assets Anonymously with Hotkey, ensuring confidentiality in every swap. Specify a receiver wallet on Hotkey to bridge assets directly and receive funds with utmost privacy, safeguarding your financial movements.

Bridge Privately
Multi-Chain & DEX Aggregation

Hotkey integrates with multiple chains, DEXs, and liquidity providers, aggregating the best rates and deepest liquidity pools to ensure your trades are always executed at competitive prices and with optimal speed.

AI-Computed Routing

Hotkey's AI technology computes the best possible routes for your transactions, ensuring efficiency and optimal outcomes across all swaps and transfers.

Bridge Assets privately

With Hotkey, you can bridge assets with enhanced privacy, providing a secure way to move your investments across different networks without compromising your anonymity.

Limit Orders and Leverage Trading

Place limit orders that span across multiple networks, giving you the flexibility to buy or sell assets at your desired price points, regardless of the chain.

Copy Trading Bittensor AI models

Tap into the potential of AI copy trading with Hotkey, leveraging the power of Bittensor subnets to mirror successful trading strategies automatically and boost your trading revenue.

Everything is right at your fingertips whenever you need .

Hotkey unifies access to all blockchains, DEXes, liquidity pools, and protocols in a single interface, simplifying your trading across the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Access multiple
60+ Blockchains

Navigate and transact across numerous blockchains with ease, all from Hotkey's centralized interface.

Seamlessly interact
with a wide range of DEXes

Engage with an extensive network of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) to find the best trading opportunities.

Connect with various
DeFi protocols

Integrate seamlessly with a variety of DeFi protocols, expanding your trading strategies and options.

Charting Tomorrow: Your Roadmap to Innovation

Our roadmap is meticulously designed to guide you through a journey of cutting-edge developments, where each milestone is a beacon of innovation waiting to be discovered.

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  • DEX v1
  • Telegram DEX
  • Telegram Buy bot
  • 8 chains
  • Referral Program
Work in Progress
  • Multi-Chain Swap
    DEX aggregator
  • Bridge aggregator
  • Privacy Bridge
  • 30+ Native Wallets
  • 60+ Chains
  • Perpetual Orders
  • BTS-20 Testnet
  • BTS-20 Mainnet
  • Subnet Registration
  • Module Registration
  • AI Routing tools
  • AI Copy-Trading
  • Staking Platform

Stake Hotkey, Earn ETH and TAO: Prosper Together

Engaging in Hotkey's staking program allows you to support network stability while benefiting from its achievements, receiving ETH from DEX revenues, TAO from subnet emissions, and COMAI for module emissions. Additionally, real-time performance insights via our Dune dashboard offer transparency and foster trust.

ETH Revenue Sharing

Stake Hotkey tokens and receive a portion of the DEX's revenues in ETH, directly linking your rewards to the platform's trading volume and success.

TAO Revenue Sharing

By staking Hotkey, you're eligible for TAO revenue, specifically allocated for subnet (SN) emissions, bolstering both your investment and the network's infrastructure.

COMAI Rev Sharing

Staking Hotkey qualifies you for COMAI revenue dedicated to module emissions, enhancing your investment and strengthening the network's foundation.

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